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The Perfect Partnership


NHS Blood & Transport are recruiting, do you think you can help?

NHS Blood and Transplant are recruiting Donor Carers across England.
These Donor Carers will play a vital role in the fight against Coronavirus.

Watch the video below for more information, or to apply, just click here.

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How SNAPP CV would like to help...

We would be more than happy to divert all applications from us via REED, your job will go live on our mobile app with your very own Micro Page (see example). We would then talk with a major retailer & Restaurants in London to have your QR Code on a leaflet at our cost put on their counters to assist. This would take applicants to our app and send their application via that. 

We would also push out your job via Amazon Alexa to over 100 million devices under our app 'Find me a job'. We would be happy to offer your Video Interviews for this project for FREE via our platform, SNAPP INVIEW. This would allow REED to take in the jobs and then give your team access to watch, rate, and process your potential candidates to the next stage. This would address the current issue of people having to commute into London due to COVID-19.

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Job advertised on over 100 Million devices on the Amazon Alexa platform

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We would give you your own Micro Site within our APP which will feature your intro video, in addition, we would be happy to provide you with a video on the Alexa platform which can be watched on any Smart TV or Amazon device.

The QR Code on the left will be featured on a leaflet (yet to be designed) which would be left on shop counters with consent, so people can scan n' apply in seconds.

We are assuming that a lot of people would be using their mobiles to see this kind of advert, hence we have ensured we have covered, web, mobile, and Smart TV's to mention a few.

The top of this page is just an example of what your own (tracked) page would look like within our new website which is being completed and will be ready shortly. 

Finally, we could replicate the identical form that REED has created and include this so we can match their application process without much effort needed on their part. 

Your own vanity URL would be www.snappcvgroup.com/nhs

Candidates can apply via our app on:
www.snappcv.site/nhs which will take them directly to your Microsite or the relevant store to download our app and then automatically take them to your Microsite.