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Top Tips for Video Interviews

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Preparation & Confidence are Key

Video interviews are becoming popular because they help save time and they can be more effective than in-person interviews. Here are top tips for making the most out of your next video interview:

In the past, it has been difficult to convey what a person is saying in a video interview. This is due to the static nature of a video. With new developments in technology, there are more options for creating a clearer video interview.

Tip #1 - Prepare potential answers to FAQ's

Start by preparing some answers to frequently asked questions to get you into the swing of things. Most interviewers will ask similar questions to get a gauge of how experienced you are and how confident you are. Then, once they have understood this, they'll ask more specific questions to get to know you and how you'll fit into their company.

Tip #2 - Practice your answers

Practicing your answers, either by yourself or with a friend, will really help prepare you or the real interview. Practice your task with a friend beforehand to make sure you're prepared. It will also give you an idea of how much editing is needed to make sure you sound clear and professional.

Tip #3 - Prepare your setup

Find an appropriate setting ahead of time to take the interview in. This needs to be a nice, well-lit, quiet space with minimal distractions. Lighten up the room with lights that point towards the person talking instead of pointing away from them; this will minimize shadows and create an environment where they feel more comfortable to talk about themselves with you.

Tip #4 - Watch yourself

After the interview, review the video to see how it came out. You'll get an idea of what areas or questions need more work, giving you the opportunity for self-improvement before your next video interview.

Tip #5 - Be confident and take care of yourself

Don't forget the basics! Make sure to sleep well, eat well, drink water. You may have heard this many many times coming from us but it's true: confidence is key. What engages an employer is confidence in yourself and your abilities so make sure to let that shine in your interview.

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